Who is Responsible for the Expenses: the Bridesmaids or the Bride?

So your friend selected you to partake in her special day by being more than an attendee: a bridesmaid. If you’ve ever been in a bridal party before, you know how fast the expenses could stack up. You can potentially go from a 100 bucks to a few hundreds or thousands in no time; from your bridesmaid outfit to aso-ebi, accommodation, beauty and other expenses. If you have a very picky yet flamboyant bride with an expensive taste, the cost could even be way higher than you anticipated. If you are lucky, the bride will take care of some of your expenses but this doesn’t seem to be the norm. That being said, the questions here are:

Should the bride be responsible for offsetting some of the cost/expenses of the bridal party?

If so,

What expenses should a bride be responsible for? e.g makeup, hair, shoes, aso-ebi?

What are your thoughts?!!! Let us know!

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