What are Your Biggest Wedding Day Fears?

We all have fears and we know what they are. Like any bride or groom, such fears which sometimes manifest in form of negative thoughts that flash every once in a while before you in the day or at night. I have mine as well, and I’ll share them with you in the hopes that you’ll do the same with us!

  • I have a fear of someone objecting to the union of me and my fiance when the officiating Pastor asks if anyone does
  • I have a fear of having a big red patch, the size of the continent of Africa, on the back of my white wedding gown thanks to aunt Flo
  • I have a fear of not fitting into my wedding dress
  • I have a fear of my groom not showing up on my big day. (This one calls for major fasting. This is not my portion IJN)
  • I have a fear of falling face flat as I walk down the aisle
  • I have a fear of someone stealing my thunder on my day or things not going as planned (That better not happen if people don’t want to see a bridezilla)


I am sure I have way more fears than these but here are some! Lets share!!!

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  1. Adiya, 5 years ago

    How about wine spilling on your dress?

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