Wedding Table Decoration: Ideas and Tips

By Vanessa Oluwole,
Certified Events Organiser
LvLv Events Ltd

Your wedding day is a very special day in your life. As a little girl, you have always dreamt about this and as the preparations begin, you want everything to be perfect. Then you realize that perfection is an unattainable goal so you start to plan a more realistic affair and it actually begins to get fun.

Table decorations are an important piece of your reception as it reflects your personality and style as well as that of your significant other (bride or groom). Similarly, the use of table decorations helps create the right ambiance and sets the mood for the festivities at hand. Hence, the more festive, creative and unique your decors are, the greater the chances of creating a lasting impression on your guests about your day. The Bridal Stage/Top table is one of the most important tables to decorate because all eyes will be on the new couple. Some ideas and tips will be presented below to help as you plan your special day.

If you haven’t done so, you’ll want to work with either a good venue decorator or wedding planner. Your wedding planner can connect you with respectable vendors they have worked with such as professional florists, linen hiring companies, lighting company amongst others.

Wondering why you’ll need a florist, linen companies and lighting companies involved? Here’s why:
The florists will create stunning table centerpieces, which will determine the basis of your table decorations. Always ask the florists or wedding decorator of photos of previous displays they have been done, and you can simply choose a style from those samples, or get inspiration to create your own style. The linen company can provide chair covers, table clothes and napkins to match the color theme if you have one. The lighting company can create the perfect ambiance for your reception.

In order to create spectacle decorations, the following should be considered:

• The use of water & candle can make a centerpiece glamorous; by floating candles, or floating flowers in water. Creativity and Uniqueness should be composition for each table at your reception.

• Anything that sparkles will create a wonderful table decoration. A simple and cost-effective way to decorate your tables is to place several tea lights in the middle and scatter some gold or silver table sprinkles around the candles. The candle light will reflect in the gold and silver and create a beautiful shimmering effect.

• Dried rose petals or other flower petals can be bought in bulk and sprinkled over your wedding tables, cake table and top table at your reception venue. These are a really romantic way of adding decoration to your wedding tables and will look fabulous in your wedding photos. Use the same petals as the ones in your flower arrangements for truly coordinated look.

• The theme of your wedding can easily direct you to interesting and unique reception decorations which should be reflected in your table and stage decoration. The use the colors at your wedding reception should reflect your personality.

• If you are planning a table decoration, you should play with different heights with your centerpieces. Most will only use one height with their decorations. Multiple heights are visually appealing and interesting.

There are a lot of different ideas for wedding reception table and stage decorations being used at weddings, get a qualified and experienced wedding decorator to pull off your ideas. The most important thing for you to do is to ensure that your decorations are unique to you. You want to make sure that they stand out to your guests as something that they have not seen before. You want them to see that your reception decorations are personalized to your wedding. Take time to decide on these factors, as they can make or break the overall feel of your decorations.

With a little imagination your wedding decoration will look really beautiful and you will have wedding decorations that are admired by all your guests.

If you are willing to get more suggestions and ideas about your wedding decorations from a professional like me, please contact me at LvLv Events, where we create Spell bound, Unique, Spectacle and Upscale Decorations for any Special Occasions.

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