Wedding Planning Tips

By Chidinma Nkwonta

Whoop! Whoop!! Whoop!!! He has finally proposed!!! Congratulations girl!

Right about now, you are sure to experience all sorts of emotions like excitement and anxiety. Not to worry, it is all normal. What matters most is how you look on your Day and how the wedding turns out.

Planning your wedding can be exciting, yet seemingly difficult to execute. In this part of the world, the bride is in charge of planning the wedding but she is expected to carry the groom along. To plan the wedding the bride needs to be organized and composed so that they might achieve their dream wedding. Below are some tips to ensure that:

Fix a date:
The bride and groom need to come together to fix a date favorable for all. Before picking a date, they should remember that some factors play roles in ensuring the success of a wedding. It is important that enough time is given for the necessary preparations to be made before the day. The seasons should be considered too. For example, if you are planning for an outdoor wedding in Nigeria, it would be unwise to fix a date during the rainy season.

Draw up a budget:
This is very crucial to prevent unwanted expenses. You definitely can’t have a budget for a small group of people and hope to throw an extravaganza. Everything should be budgeted for; from your bridal dress to the vendors and your honeymoon expenses. Also, both families should come together and decide on how much they can contribute to the wedding. It is also the budget that determines the guest list.

Get a wedding planner:
You may decide to have a wedding planner (we have many available for hire on this site) or appoint a willing friend to plan your wedding. If you are up for it, you can also do it yourself. You shouldn’t necessarily carry everything all on your shoulders. You can delegate responsibilities to some of your family and friends. Whatever you decide, just remember that you have to look great and stress-free on your wedding day.

Have a checklist:
It is good to have a list of what is important to you when planning your wedding. It helps to keep you organized and on top of things. As time goes by, you can add or subtract from the list, taking into cognizance your already planned budget.

Start early:
It is important to start planning your wedding at least 6 months before the day. You may think you have all the time, but you will find out that important things such as the reception venue might not be easy to book as most venues would have been booked months and even years before hand. Therefore, you should have a time line of things to do months, weeks and even a day to your wedding.

Be ready to make compromises:
Be ready to plan your wedding with an open mind and flexibility. You may have envisioned your wedding in a particular way, but find out that your spouse would rather like it some other way. Both parties and their families should be ready and able to reach a common ground.

With these, you are well on your way to achieving your dream wedding 🙂

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