Wedding Planning 101: Duties and Responsibilities of the Groom


So far , our blog articles have been geared towards brides to be! Today, our article is focused on the groom to be. We’ll be covering the duties of the groom and how they can help ease the stress on their brides. As you can imagine, planning a wedding is not an easy task. It requires a combination of patience, hard work, perseverance, dedication and perhaps, a few pills of your favorite pain killer.


Most guys are completely clueless when it comes to wedding planning. The good thing is that some are willing to learn and relieve the stress off their ladies.  To help clarify and set things right, we present a list of tasks (in no particular order) for the groom! Please note that this is not a comprehensive list and we might be missing some items. However, this should get things started!


1.     Choose the best man and groomsmen.

2.     Pick out the wedding attire for your men on your “train”. Given the way women are, chances are your bride-to-be will want to be involved in this as well.

3.     Setup a schedule for the men on your “train”. This schedule should include tuxedo measurements and pickup. If you have out of town guests on your “train”, make sure you consider them as well when it comes to place of purchase or rental of tuxedos.

4.     Setup the accommodation for out of town guests. This task might include calling hotels close to your chosen reception or church venue and seeking discounted rates for guests.

5.     Arrange transportation to the ceremony

a.     For the bride, parents, bridesmaids

b.     For the groom, parents, and groomsmen

6.     Arrange transportation from the ceremony to the reception for the entire wedding party

a.     Despite the fact that arrived at the ceremony separately, you’ll be leaving the ceremony as a couple.

7.     Prepare and write your vows as deemed necessary

8.     Prepare your speech for the reception if need be or you can just say whatever comes to mind.

9.     Obtain a marriage license

10. Plan the rehearsal dinner. This includes getting a location, picking a time, food arrangements, figuring out your toast etc. Your bride-to-be might want to be involved in this as well

11. Purchase gifts for your groomsmen and best man

12.  Arrange for entertainment at the reception


By now, you are wondering why tasks such as setting up a budget, picking a date and venue amongst others are not on the list. They aren’t there for a reason. They fall under task that both the bride-to-be and her groom need to work on together.

So here’s the list of tasks to do together!

1.     Set the wedding budget and size (approximate guest count will really help here)

2.     Choose a ceremony and reception venue, finalize a date and time and book it. This is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll quickly find out that your date will be determined by the venue and date they have available. Don’t forget to ask about catering, alcohol policy, time when you can have the hall and must leave etc

3.     Choose a wedding theme and style

4.     Work on a guest list and seating chart (if needed)

5.     Select, order and mail out “Save the dates” and invitations

6.     Plan the reception program or agenda

7.     Create and add items to your wedding registries.

8.     Create and add content to the wedding website (if needed)

9.     Visit some cake bakers and decorators, choose and book your favorite

10. Hire a photographer and/or videographer

11. Research honeymoon ideas, select and book your trip

Hope this helps! Are we missing tasks from the lists above? Leave a comment and let us know!

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    I love this article! So rarely do we hear about what the groom should do to help!

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