Wedding Planning 101: Duties and Responsibilities of the Bridesmaids

So you have just been chosen to be one of the bridesmaids at a wedding ceremony. Congratulations! Right now, you are already visualizing how you’re going to look, what you’ll put on, what you’ll need to buy, etc. for that day. After all, you’re the bridesmaid and not the maid of honour, so you don’t have to be at the beck and call of the bride. Wrong!


Although the maid of honour may be there for the bride, your friend would also need your comfort and opinions as well. Below are some of the duties required that my be required of you before and during the wedding:



  • Help her scout for a good reception venue.
  • If your writing is good, you can volunteer to address some invitations.
  • You could also help in ordering and choosing decorations and wedding favours (souvenirs).
  • She could also ask you to help out with shopping for her wedding dress. And also, picking out the bridesmaids dress or material and design (style) to be sewn.
  • Help out in planning the sitting arrangement of guests.
  • Help in planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party with the maid of honour. You are also expected to attend both in honour of your friend, unless there is a good reason for your absence.
  • Attend and help out during the rehearsal. You could save the day by being attentive and supportive, as the bride/groom and their families might be preoccupied and forget things.


Wedding Day:

  • Help in getting the bride dressed and made-up in time. Also help other bridesmaids in getting dressed.
  • Assist guests to their seats.
  • Help in giving out the wedding favours.
  • Help to serve food, snacks and drinks at the reception.
  • Join in catching the bridal bouquet.


As time goes by, other duties may arise. You might find yourself fulfilling some of the duties of the maid of honour. Your friend would be glad you volunteered to help without being asked. In whatever you do, just remember your doing it for your friend to make things go smoothly for her. Also, ensure you have fun at the wedding! Cheers!

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