Wedding Favors: Thanks But No Thanks

Besides the numerous verbal “thank you” one gets from the bride, groom and their family, another common way of showing appreciation or gratitude is by giving out wedding favors typically during the wedding reception, though some give it out during the ceremony as well.

I have no problem with wedding favors as a whole. Matter of fact, it’s a great idea and this old tradition is definitely here to stay. However, the problem I have with favors is over personalization of these items.

I understand you want to be remembered and show your gratitude as well but frankly, no one wants to carry around a bag with a HUGE picture of the couple pasted on it,  wear a shirt with a HUGE colored photo of the couple pasted on it or take home a figurine of a pigeon. I am sure you people understand and have seen a couple of these types of favors (maybe not at a wedding but at events like birthday parties etc).

I mean, when it gets to the point that you have to force people to take your gifts home, then you should know that something is not right. I mean, let us think about this. The newly-weds alongside their family and friends spend a good amount of money to get the favors personalized but I am sure they didn’t plan on having their guests leave them behind as they exit the venue.

Of all the weddings I have attended, my favorite favor was a pair of slippers (or flip-flops) and it came with a tote too! I call it my favorite because it came at the right time. After being in my heels for over 4 hours, my toes were screaming release me. So it was to my delight when they handed out this favor.

There are others like bars of soap, candles, shawls, household items, mini alcohol bottles, manicure sets, and coffee mugs, which I have received and actually used. If in doubt, go for edible favors.

That being said, I am not saying don’t give out favors (please do if you deem it appropriate or necessary). All I am saying is distribute favors people would want to take home or use. Don’t over-personalize your favors.

What are some of the favorite wedding favors you’ve ever received?

What are some of the worst wedding favors you’ve ever received?

What did you do with these favors after you left?

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  1. Jewel, 6 years ago

    Plastic containers are definitely the worst, as if you don’t already have a million and one bowls in your kitchen cabinet. Mostly common amongst 9jas as well, I think we should move away from giving out anything plastic. I’ve gotten a flask warmer thingy for a baby, I guess would be useful to someone who has a baby, had to pass it on to an aunt, since I don’t have a child and not planning on having one for few years. I’ve also seen slippers been giving out, great idea and may be stealing it as well, hand fans, games such as ludo and snake and ladders, believe it or not was customized with the couples picture on them. I planned my parents 25th wedding anniversary not long ago and I ordered some cufflinks with a matching tie clip to give to the men, and we gave the women geles, for the people that bought the aso ebi. Other favors we passed out were microwave covers, kitchen towels, kitchen gloves and pot mats. I am planning my wedding for september, and I’ve actually been brainstorming on unique favors to hand out.

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    • admin, 6 years ago

      hhahhaah @ plastic containers being the worst. I see where you are coming from. It is if you already have a lot of them at home like you said and definitely common amongst our people. I’ve seen people give out towels too (not bad but please don’t over-personalize it. I definitely don’t want to be wrapping my cold body in a towel with a large portrait of people, lol). See the flask warmer was probably an attempt to do something different but they should have thought about guests coming in. Not everyone would find it useful. For favors, either get something inedible that people would find useful. All the items you gave out at your parent’s party are fabulous ideas and I hope people would read your comment and incorporate it into their events. They are definitely items that we all need and will use. Unique favors as I think you mean it would either cost you money or have to be something custom-made or handmade.

      However, other favors you can consider includes a travel manicure/pedicure grooming set, bathing soap, personalized alcoholic or non-alcoholic bottle of drinks, hand made items out of ankara like a purse or wallet, travel first aid kit, bath and body set, pashminas, photo frame with a pic of you and your husband inserted (make sure it’s removable if they choose to), and travel or duffle bags. Hopefully, this helps you as you brainstorm on unique favors.

      Congrats again and please do come back and share with us from everything to your vendors to what you eventually picked for your favors!

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  2. Divine Symmetry, 6 years ago

    I definitely agree, and to anyone who is looking for a different favor to spice up their event check out my site and let me help you make your day memorable:)

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  3. Miss D, 5 years ago

    Buckets are useful in Nigeria, so folks carried that mindset back to the states and the UK!

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