Wedding Comments and Remarks: Oh No You Didn’t

Ever been faced with a wedding comment or remark that was so inappropriate it left you with your mouth wide open? Among the numerous positive and congratulatory comments you’ll get for announcing an engagement or getting married, you’re bound to hear some plain ol’ rude, annoying, irritating and anger inspiring remarks. Be it on purpose or not, chances are you’ve either been an observer, at the receiving end or opposite side of such comments. Lets share some of our “Oh no you didn’t” moments!

  1. “Why would anyone want to marry you?”
  2. “Congratulations on your engagement but no one wants a fat bride”
  3. Says the future mother-in-law: “In our family, we feed our men and maintain the house well. My son should be fed 5 times a day. I’ll be living with you the first 3 months to teach you the ways of our family”
  4. “It’s only a matter of time before you get a divorce”
  5. “Are you sure he meant to propose to you and not your twin?”
  6. “Is that the best you could do? See the ring he bought you, looking like a $1 walmart ring”
  7. To the bride on her wedding day: “You look so pretty but saying your wedding dress is ugly is an understatement”
  8. “Can you even afford a wedding? Hope you’ve started looking for a second job to pay for all these expenses. You’ll need the extra cash.”
  9. “Thanks for the invite. I’ll be attending your wedding with 3 of my friends and their kids. So add them to your guest list”
  10. Says the random lady: “Congrats on your engagement! Make sure you look your best on your big day. Your teeth could really use some whitening”
  11. “If I were you, I would not marry someone with kids”
  12. “Ha, you want to marry an Igbo man. They eat people”
  13. “Ha, you want to marry a Yoruba man. They beat their wives”
  14. After spending thousands on your wedding attire from an upscale store: “I like your dress o. Who would have thought a knock-off would look exactly like the original”
  15. Says the future mother-in-law: “Everything about you is fake. Your hair, your nails, your breasts, your eye-lashes. I am a little concerned because my son is about to marry a fake woman. What about you is real?”

Have you overheard any of such rude remarks? How will you react if put in the position where you are on the receiving end of such jaw dropping comments? What other rude remarks have you heard?

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