Potential mother-in-law: Pregnancy before marriage or leave my son


I am at a cross-road right now with boyfriend. He’s the only child of his parents and his dad is no longer alive. We were very happy by ourselves until he formally introduced me to his mom as the lady he wants to marry and then all hell broke loose.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my potential MIL but I also dread what she might turn out to be once I marry her son (if we ever make it to that point). I reached my boiling point two days ago when I went to visit her son. In the past, she had been screaming that she wants grand kids as she’s not getting old. She also said she needs to make sure I am NOT barren (can you believe this? Still gets me angry).

She said all these to me with her son there and he didn’t say a word. I get furious each time I think about it. My upbringing and culture forbids me from having a child before marriage. I have told both the son and his mother this but no changes. Each time I see her, she increases the intensity of her torture and I don’t think I can go on with this any longer.

What do I do? Help.

— Patience

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