Planning the Perfect Proposal: Tips for Any Man

This post is inspired by a friend of mine who plans to propose to his lady soon. Having purchased a gorgeous ring for the woman of his dreams, he’s currently going through a nervous roller-coaster when it comes to deciding how to propose; from the location to what he’s going to say, he wants everything to be special.

I’ve come up with some tips or guidelines to aid any man considering taking that big leap. Remember that these are just tips. You’ll still need to plan and create the special moment.

  • Seek permission

Seeking permission prior to the proposal as done today is a tradition rooted in the Nigerian culture. However, nowadays, it’s not always the case. Men now tend to avoid this tradition and go straight for the kill. However, if you want to win cool points with your future in-laws and to show that you respect them, I suggest asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage before proposing. However, there are obviously exceptions to this, for example, if the girl doesn’t want you to for reasons such as having a bad relationship with her parents. Whatever the case maybe, good luck!

  • Keep the ring safe

There’s nothing more disappointing or as disastrious as not finding the ring the day you decide to propose. Some men tend to walk around with the ring, seeking to find the perfect moment to propose. This is not wise plus it increases the chances of the lady seeing it aprior and possibly ruining the surprise and plans you have in place if any. Keep the ring in its box in a safe yet secret place until you are ready. If you plan to propose on a trip, do NOT check you ring in with your baggage; make sure it’s in an hidden location in your carry-on luggage in case you have a nosy girlfriend.

  • Think about her

Chances that she has dropped some hints, subtle or not, about the special day is high. Women know what they want and honestly, probably fantasized about the day they get proposed to and their ideal proposal. If she has never told you, she definitely has discussed this with her close friends or family members, and you may solicit them for help to pull the perfect proposal. Pay attention to things she wants done before your engagement ring can go on her finger and most importantly, PERSONALIZE the proposal in such a way that scores you major points. You’ll thank me later.

  • Public or private proposal

This is another area where knowing your lady very well plays out. Not everyone wants a public proposal in front of family and friends at a party, on a packed 8am subway to the city, at the stadium, or televised event around the globe. Some guys go for a public proposal as a way to ensure she won’t be able to say NO but do not count on it. After all, you should be certain your lady will say yes and frankly should have discussed about the future prior. Only go for what she’ll be thrilled about. If she’s a private person, don’t propose in public and vice versa. Similarly, make sure the timing is perfect! Ideally you want to surprise her.

  • Make memories

What’s the point in going through all the prep work without lasting memories to cherish till death do you and your lady part. Make sure you have someone around, friend or professional, that could capture the special moment when you pop that over-rehearsed question and lines of yours.

  • “X” marks the spot

Deciding where to seal the deal can also take time. Think of places that mean something to both of you or places you both want to visit. You can also surprise her by proposing on one of your routine trip or spots. Picking a location that you can visit again after to celebrate your anniversary or special moments will also add a nice touch to it.


You’re almost there, but just some housekeeping items. If you intend to propose in a romantic restaurant, make sure you make reservations prior and also explain your plans to the manager or staff so that they can be extra attentive to your table. If you need help decorating your chosen location, don’t hesitate to ask friends, family members etc. for help in making the day fabulous for your lady. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be heartfelt.

Good luck!!!

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