Planning a Wedding in a Recession

Planning a wedding is stressful enough without arguments. If you are planning your wedding during this recession and your disposable income is not high, you can still have your dream wedding without breaking the bank if you follow my simple and logical tips:

–       Budget

Plan a realistic budget for the kind of wedding you want. Every month, set out money towards your wedding, easy way is to open a wedding account either with your Wedding Planner (ensure they are financially covered) or with a bank. Do not use Credit Cards to pay for your wedding, it causes nuptial nightmares. Allow a further 20% to your budget to cover unforeseen circumstances.

–       Ceremony

Planning a low key ceremony in a Registry or Church during the week is cheaper than weekend. Buy supermarket flowers and ask a family member or your Wedding Planner to arrange them for the church is cheaper than a florist. Also, ask the church if it is included in the fees paid for the ceremony, do not be surprise some churches decorate their church free.

–       Reception Venue

Cut out the glitz but had the glamour but using Large School Halls, Community Centre and Social Clubs which are reasonable priced than Banqueting Halls and Hotels. D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) decoration maybe cheaper, visit local shops or charity shops e.g. Ikea have so many decorative items (silk or fresh flowers, vases, stones mirrors and lights) you can buy but getting family and friends to help on that day to set up maybe challenging but possible. Also, what happens to the items after the wedding? Sell them on Ebay or give to friends as favours.

–       Food & Beverages

When booking your venue make sure that your venue permits you to bring your own catering and beverages. This works out cheaper than using the venue’s catering. Alternatively, ask friends and family members to help with the cooking at home; healthy home food. Serve non-alcoholic drinks and advise your guests to bring their own alcohol.

–       Music

Music can make or break your party. Get a good D.J and request for C.Ds of his past parties and make sure the music suits your wedding. You can request for special music to be played at your wedding; a D.J is cheaper than a Live Band. Alternatively, play your own CDs compilations and ask an aspiring D.J friend to do that for you.

–       Photography

The pictures are the only memories you will have to treasure your special day. Shop around vendors and if you are using a Wedding Planner, request she get copies of past job from good small photography companies. Alternatively, you can use disposable cameras and give to your Bridal party to capture your day and ensure they drop them for you to print.

–       Stationery

Decide on the guest list but keep the number down. There are cheap online printing companies that offer cheap invitation cards and wedding programme printing that you can create yourself before ordering e.g. Vistaprint.  Alternatively buy ready-printed invitation and fill in details by hand.

–       Dress

Getting a dress for your day is very important. If you have EBay account, you can get a bargain online. The only danger is fitting properly, but it is cheaper to alter it but get a good person to do this. Alternatively, you can hire your gown or borrow family member’s own.

Overall, I will suggest you get a Wedding Planner or Wedding packages that provide everything to suit your wedding budget. Using a Wedding Planner is relatively cheaper because she will negotiate with trusted Vendors they have business relationship with.


Written by Vanessa Oluwole

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  2. CFAgbata, 5 years ago

    I really found this article exceptionally helpful, and I think people who read this would not have to worry about an unsatisfying wedding or think about postponing the event just because they have a tight budget to work with. I’ve always believed that grandeur is not always the way to go, and that weddings can be simple and yet thoroughly satisfying at the same time. Especially in this time when recessions are not hard to come by, this is very useful information for all those who wish to tie the knot.

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  3. Sarah Hill, 5 years ago saved me a lot….they have wholesale priced wedding reception decorations.

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