My Big Fat Fantasy Naija Wedding


Unlike most ladies who grew up thinking and having an idea of what their wedding day would look and be like, I didn’t. I didn’t grow up thinking about that one-in-town gorgeous wedding dress and the colors, flowers, and bridal train to complement it. I certainly didn’t think about the ideal groom and what I wanted him to look like, sound like, or what his pocket would be like.

Some may say I was deprived at a young age as everyone I have spoken to had a fantasy wedding in mind. I was too busy; focused on school. Boys became the last thing on my mind especially after my father whooped my butt for not knowing how to read the mechanical clock in primary school. Instead of paying attention in class, I spent my time scribbling the names of boys and sentences such as “I love _____” on the back of my math textbook.

The academic in me followed me till I got to college. However, having seen failed relationships, bad marriages and countless lifetime movies, the thought of getting married gradually faded away.

I know, I know….. I shouldn’t let such deter me from marriage but the truth is, it did!

Don’t worry. That’s all gone now. It only took being in a relationship with someone I truly admired, seeing my friends happily married, and how they truly and sincerely loved and admired their partner. Oh and let us not forget Barack Obama and his wife 🙂

So if you ask me now: Do you want to get married? My answer is yes. Quite a number of my friends never thought they would see the day I would say so and are looking forward to giving a speech on my wedding day (sorry people, no speeches allowed 🙂 ).

Back to the title of the post, I honestly haven’t created a visual version of my fantasy wedding but I can guarantee you when the time comes, it will be spectacular! One thing I know for sure is that I want a small wedding but knowing my luck, that wonn’t happen.

Don’t worry, when I finally develop a visual of my fantasy wedding, I’ll be back to share. In the meantime, how about you share with me!!!

Do you have an idea of what your ideal wedding (fantasy or not) would look like?

Describe it to us!

If you are married or will be getting married in the upcoming days, is your wedding all you envisioned it to be as a kid?

Share share share!! Help me create mine 🙂

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