For the Bride: A Quick Guide to Selecting Your Bridesmaids

Among the usual nervousness involved in planning a wedding, the choice of bridesmaids is one of the major concerns of most brides. Sometimes, they allow sentiments to overrule their sense of judgement and end up making wrong choices, which might be too late to correct.

The first thing you need to consider is the expected number of guests for the ceremony. Some wedding experts agree that it is a good rule of thumb0o have one bridesmaid for every 50 guests. For example, it would be pretty awkward to have an intimate wedding with 10 bridesmaid. It would also be a good idea to have the number of bridesmaids correspond with that of the groomsmen.

Before you choose them, ensure that they will be able to fulfill your expectations of them. For example, if you expect your bridesmaids to be very active in the planning and preparation of your wedding, it will be unwise to choose a person who lives very far away or who has a pretty tight schedule already and can’t adjust it for you. Picking such a person might end up leaving you frustrated each time they cant make it when their presence or help is needed.

Far from the belief that more is merrier, it actually poses as a potential for complications. When choosing the bridesmaids, you have to consider their different tastes in style, body structure, etc. The bigger their number, the bigger the complications in deciding on a dress, style or even colour to use. And if you are on a limited budget and plan to pay for all or some of what the bridesmaids would use, more won’t be a good idea.

Some brides see the selection of bridesmaids as a time to return favours foods in the past. For example, because she asked you to be hers at her wedding, you feel obliged to include her in yours. Or you decide to add a school friend you haven’t seen in years, just for old times sake. These are wrong reasons to pick bridesmaids.

Apart from the things i said earlier, you should consider your friends that know you well and know what you expect of them and are willing to carry it out. You can also add close family members to the list, insofar as they fit your requirements.

Then, it’s time to tell those involved of their role as bridesmaids in your wedding. You may be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings by not including her in your bridesmaid list. Just remember it’s your wedding and you have reasons. If she is truly your friend, she would respect whatever decisions you make.

Make sure you really put an effort in picking out the right persons as your bridesmaids. The sooner you make up your mind, the sooner your wedding checklist gets chopped off by one.

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