Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Congratulations! So you’re engaged and probably already tackled the first of the two Vs. Just in case you’re wondering what the two Vs are, they are: Venue and Vendors. Before choosing a wedding date, make sure you have a venue booked and secured. Only after this should you move on to choosing and booking your vendors. The second V is probably the fun yet sometimes difficult. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days in your life and in order to get it together the way you want it, you want all the chosen vendors to be the best in their league. We’ve made the vendor finding and choosing process a little easier for you. We’ve provided you with a variety to choose from combined with extra information such as location, contact details, work samples, trusted reviews, and advice to help you select the right vendor.

Here are some tips for choosing your vendors:

  • Budget: Know your budget! Make sure you put in allowances for overages just in case things cost more than you imagined. Know what’s important to you and where you’re willing to compromise or not. For example, you might want great food versus lavish centerpieces. It’s up to you but plan according to your budget
  • Style: By now, you probably have a style or theme in mind for your big day. Do you want an outdoor wedding, a fun yet elegant wedding, a traditional wedding, gothic wedding or Halloween themed wedding? If you don’t, don’t worry. You have some time to dream this up with your wedding planner. Also, you can draw inspiration from weddings you’ve attended or seen online. Remember, vendors have different styles and themes they work well with, so some may be a better fit for you and visualize your ideas better than others.
  • Do your homework You’ve seen a variety of vendors to choose from on our site but you are now confused as to which of these vendors you want to contact. You can start by paying attention to details in their work samples and what past clients have said about them. Ask friends who might know them or heard about their services. While doing all this, make sure you have a notepad. You’ll need it to compare and contrast vendors. If a vendor has a website, blog, facebook group etc. listed, check them out. Their website would most likely include information about their events, tips, knowledge articles, new trends etc. Particularly, a blog would give you a glimpse into the personality and style. You definitely don’t want to overlook this detail.
  • Meet with the chosen few: You’ve narrowed your list down to vendors you are seriously considering; the next thing you want to do and this is the best thing to do is to meet with each one of them You’re going to be working fairly closely with them for a while, and you need to make sure your visions for the day as well as your personalities and style match. Don’t forget to check out their portfolio or work samples on site as well.

Don’t worry; the team is here to help as well. If you need help locating or finding a vendor in your state or just have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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  1. zegzy, 5 years ago

    Halloween themed wedding ke? Lol, many times, the vendor you choose is the one that falls within ur budget. I remember getting shocked by photographer charges. 4000 for taking pictures for one day? Say What? The best thing to do is take your sweet time, you will definitely find one within your budget that still does a good job. My advice for those planning a wedding – Please make sure your photographer and videographer ARE ON POINT! Because the day will go so quickly and at the end, that is all you will have to remember how lovely the day was (well, I hope you still have ur husband to remind you too, lol). Looking back, i’m glad I made the compromises for other non-relevant stuff (like a 15 tier cake) and picked a good photographer and videographer.

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