Bridal Beauty Countdown: Skin Care and Beauty Tips!!!

Welcome to our brand new beauty blog on All About Naija Weddings and also Congratulations on your engagement! If you want to look absolutely and effortlessly gorgeous on your wedding day, then watch this space regularly for beauty tips:)

The fact is; your wedding day is going to be your most photographed day of your life and you can’t afford not to look your best…head to toe!

However, looking good on your day is not just about getting a very good make up artist and hairdresser, even though these choices can make or mare your day…winks:))…the foundation of a glowing bride is in the quality of the skin!!! Your skin is actually like a bill board of the state your health both physically and emotionally……therefore the first couple of tips we will be looking at will be tips on how to bring out your skin natural glow.

The first tip is to stay hydrated!!!! Am sure we‘ve all heard this a lot of times, practice it for a couple of days and then stop:( Nevertheless, drinking loads of water helps your skin by :

  1. Flushing out toxins out of your body which hitherto could have accumulated inside your body and sometimes finds a way out through your skin in form of acne, blemishes, swollen face, puffy eye bags or just some strange big pimple that just stand in the middle of your forehead and won’t go:)
  2. This also works by carrying water to every cell of your body and thereby improves circulation! This improves your overall health while at the same time also making your skin more supple and healthy.
  3. Another thing to keep in mind is, when you drink lots of water, you are actually moisturizing your skin from inside out!
  4. Lastly, if you don’t stay hydrated, your skin cells actually shrink like dry grapes and that is why it becomes dry and sometimes scaly. But, on the other hand, with sufficient water, the skin cells fill out; becomes rigid and it makes your skin to have a healthy elasticity and a bouncy feel to it!

And talking about product recommendation, well none! Just drink about 8 glasses of clean safe water a day!!!

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  1. Dermatologist London, 5 years ago

    i found your post interesting because it sound like if i just drink water all day ill have very healthy looking skin. i will try this. thank you for the tip.

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