Beauty Tips: How and Why You Need To Keep Your Skin Mosturized

The next beauty care regime on our Bridal beauty tips series is about how and why you need to keep your skin moisturized! Moisturizing our face is one of the crucial steps necessary to keep our face youthful and healthy. When you apply moisturizer to your skin, it aids in the restoration of the barrier function of the epidermis. It also helps to cover tiny fissures in the skin while in addition, providing a soothing protective film and finally increasing the water content of the epidermis.

There are several moisturizers in the market today, some are designed to delay the aging process, some to soothe dry skin, while some are water based in order to prevent excessive oil secretion from the face. Whatever the components of a moisturizer are, it is designed to trap moisture in the superficial skin layer of dead keratinized cells. Thereby keeping water and necessary moisture away from evaporating out of the skin. The skin therefore remains hydrated and improves in appearance! Find below tips on how to maximize the effects of your moisturizer:

    • Do not apply your moisturizer around the eye area. This is because the skin around the eyes is different from the rest of the facial skin. Most often, moisturizers are too rich and can sometimes cause the growth of oil seeds, also because the eye area skin is very delicate, everyday moisturizer makes it to retain fluid and remain puffy. Therefore, stick to an eye cream instead. I will recommend the Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream for All Skin Types.
    • The major aim of moisturizing your face is to trap excess moisture. Hence, it is important to moisturize your face while it’s still damp!
    • You may use your day cream as a night cream, however; any moisturizer or lotion with SPF should only be used during the day since you will not be exposed to the sun while sleeping…lol. If you do this, you stand the risk of getting clogged pores which leads to several skin problems such as acne, blemishes etc
    • Please do remember to moisturize your neck, as most people tend to neglect the neck area. Apply the moisturizer in an upward stroking motion to prevent sagging.
    • Finally, always allow your moisturizer to sink in before applying your foundation as this will not allow for adequate trapping of moisture and also, your foundation will become streaky and you will not achieve a flawless finish!

Remember that your skin’s natural moisturizing properties diminish with age. This is due to the fact the epidermis gets older and it has less contact with the dermis that helps with moisturizing. From 30 onwards, your skin becomes more sensitive and this is much more obvious from 40 onwards. You can check out Clarins’ products as they have a wide range of moisturizers for different age groups.

If you have dry skin, which is severely lacking in sebum, go for rich, creamy moisturizers. And if you are blessed with a never ending oil secreting skin like mine…lol….go for water based moisturizers! Remember to start now, if you want that luscious gorgeous skin on your wedding day!!

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