Ask AANW: Is It ok for the best man to be taller than the groom?


I and my fiance will be getting married soon but the person he wants use as his best man is his best friend and he is taller than the groom, is it ok?



Hi Chiamaka,
Thanks for reaching out to us. There’s definitely nothing wrong with having a best man towering over your groom. However, people might focus on him and his height on your day that anyone else on the party (especially if he’s the tallest of everyone on the bridal party). That being said, nothing like having someone who truly knows you, cherishes your friend and respects you beside you on your day. Someone who has been there all this while , one that can calm you down when you start to panic and who knows how to deal with you. In short, nothing like having a really good friend (a best friend) beside you. Granted from now on, you’ll most likely take that spot from him but his best friend remains his really good friend.

So from that perspective, why wouldn’t you want to share such a joyous day with such a friend? The drama that might come with elimination based on height might not be worth it to me, and I am sure you have so many other and better things to worry that how your best man looks on your day :). All in all, look at it as a humor point; make fun of him etc and I am sure he’ll use that in his best man speech (maybe).

So lets focus on other priorities. However, if it bothers you that much, then kindly discuss with your future husband!!! 🙂


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