Ask AANW: I Need Help With My Wedding Color Combination


I am preparing for my marriage ceremony in two months. I just can’t place my hands on a beautiful colour combination,please I need your help.


Congratulations for the upcoming nuptials!! I totally know how you feel: so many colors to choose from but which is the perfect color for my wedding. Don’t worry, a lot of brides face this and struggle with this decision as well.

I honestly can’t choose a color or color combination for you but hopefully, I can guide you as you choose and settle on one. There’s nothing like a bad color though some colors tend to be used according to the season of the year. However, there’s something as a bad color combination or color utilization within a given space or at an event, so it’s vital that you choose the right combination and shade for your event.

May i start by asking what your favorite color is? I’m sure you’ve been to a few weddings and events. What color(s) did you particularly like at such events? Is the groom helping you out as well? What’s his favorite color? Do you have a wedding planner? Is he/she helping you with this? It’s important to draw inspiration from within and your surroundings but remember it’s all about you and the groom and what makes you happy and gives you that “wow” effect even though you were involved in the planning all along!

Here’s an article on our site that could help also: Wedding Styles: Picking Your Wedding Color (

Good luck and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions!


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