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Is it possible to hold all on the same day? Do i need to add the names of my Committee of Friends to my programme?


Thank you for contacting us and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! As regards your question, it is possible but be prepared to be stressed out, late to one or more of the ceremonies (for reasons such as traffic, tardiness while getting ready, waiting for guests before proceeding in one or more ceremonies etc) and frankly too exhausted to enjoy your day. I suggest you have these events over a span of two days so that you have ample time to rest [very important]. Believe it or not, when you aren’t well rested, it shows and I don’t think you want to look exhausted in your wedding pictures 🙂

You can have your court wedding days or months before with just close family and friends. Court weddings as compared to Church weddings isn’t something that one invites multitudes of people to, and though typically faster in execution than church weddings, you want to celebrate and not feel rushed on either of your days.

As regards the programme, what do you mean by committee of friends? Do you mean your bridal party? If so, yes, please include the names of the bridal party in the programme. However, if by this you mean just friends coming to celebrate or friends with whom you all belong in the same group etc, you do not need to add their names to your programme except they are taking on important roles on your day e.g host/hostess

I hope the above answers your question! Please feel to reach out to us if you have any further questions


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