Ask AANW: Am I Required to Have My Fiancé’s Siblings on My Train?


Am I required to have my fiancé’s siblings as part of my bridal train? I am not close to my fiancé’s siblings (we have more of an acquaintance-type relationship) but I look forward to establishing a close relationship with them.



You are not required to have your fiancé’s siblings on your train. I personally think you should only have close friends on the train. Hey, before you met your man, you had friends who have been there for you and for years. Don’t feel obligated. The last thing you want is drama. On the other hand, it could also be a way to get closer to them. I say add them in as a back-up plan but feel free to include them and bounce ideas off them as you plan your wedding. After all, once you marry their brother, you become part of the family as well 🙂  Good luck!!


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