Ask AANW: American vs Nigerian Rehearsal Dinner

Ask AANW: American vs Nigerian Rehearsal DinnerHi AANW, My wedding is Sept 2014. I am an American woman marrying a first generation America born Nigerian man. His parents live in Nigeria and I have never met them before. We are having our wedding in the U.S. My fiancé, myself, and my parents are paying for the cost of the wedding ceremony and the reception. My fiancé even bought his father a tux for the wedding. With so much money coming out of our pockets, I think it's only fair for my fiancé's Nigerian parents to pay for the wedding rehearsal dinner. Do you agree? I know that it is customary in the U.S for a groom's parents to pay for the rehearsal dinner. I don't know what I should expect from his parents, if anything. How do [more]

Ask AANW: How Do I Enforce an Adult Only Nigerian Wedding?

Ask AANW: How Do I Enforce an Adult Only Nigerian Wedding?Hi AANW, I am having a bit of an issue. I recently sent out my RSVP for my upcoming wedding and made sure I indicated it was an adult-only wedding. However, I am getting some responses back and people are RSVPing their little kids. I am aware that it's hard to enforce such in a Nigerian setting but I must for cost and order reasons. This is what we want on our big day. How do I fix this boo-boo? -Bunmi Hi Bunmi, Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Ha...your dilemma is not a new one. I have attended weddings similar to what you are planning and trust some of our people to still disobey the rules. Well, first thing you need to do is rectify the situation; especially those you are certain RSVPed [more]

The Truth About Day-Of Wedding Planners a.k.a Wedding Coordinators

The Truth About Day-Of Wedding Planners a.k.a Wedding CoordinatorsIf you thought that "Are you hiring a wedding planner?" was a "Yes" or "No" question, think again. There is a happy medium between hiring a full-service planner and winging it all on your own, and that is the day-of coordinator. An often poorly understood concept, the day-of coordinator can be a life saver for couples who don't have the budget for a full-service planner; couples who thought they could do it all alone and then realize, close to the wedding, that they were wrong; and couples who actually manage to plan it all alone, but then wisely realize that they shouldn't leave the day-of nitty-gritty in the hands of their mother or maid of honor. Remember, your family and friends are your guests too, and you want them to be [more]

Ace Your Wedding Vows in 7 Easy Steps

Ace Your Wedding Vows in 7 Easy Steps It's always a nice touch when couples write their own vows. It's the best way to bring you and your fiance's personalities into your wedding ceremony, and a sure-fire way to engage the audience, whether they are left crying or laughing. Expressing your love on paper may seem daunting, but it's easier than you'd think. Let us count the ways... 1. Begin Separately Schedule some alone time to write your vows on your own before sharing them with each other. Doing this exercise individually will help each of you reflect without the other's influence, making the result more interesting and personal. 2. Ask Yourself Questions "The first step is to excavate your own heart," advises the Rev. Judith Johnson, author of "The Wedding Ceremony Planner". She recommends sitting quietly with a blank sheet of [more]

Conversations You Must Have About Your Venue Before Your Big Day

Conversations You Must Have About Your Venue Before Your Big DayEarlier, we covered conversations you must have with your photographer before your big day. If you haven't read that, you can find it here: Today, we'll cover the conversations you must have with your venue vendor before your big day! 1. Are you licensed for civil ceremonies? This has to be your first question if you’re planning to marry at your venue. Then, ask to see the ceremony room or rooms, and make sure you feel comfortable there. 2. What does your all-inclusive package include? These can vary greatly from venue to venue, so it’s very important that you ask for a detailed breakdown. Basic packages can simply be the room rental, wedding breakfast and some sparkling wine for the toasts, while the other end of the scale could be a package with exclusive [more]

Wedding Planning: 10 Things Brides Forget To Do

Wedding Planning: 10 Things Brides Forget To Do As the big day approaches, many brides tend to forget some fairly important things to do. We'll be sharing the most common tasks that brides forget entirely or postpone to the last minute. 1. Bring your marriage license: An important part of making it ‘official!’ Check with the jurisdiction where your ceremony will take place about any deadlines for applying for your marriage license well in advance of your wedding date and also whether a blood test or special documentation is required to complete your application. Start gathering your documents early so that when it comes time to get your license, you have everything you need and can make the process as efficient as possible. 2. Vendor meals: Be sure you remember to feed the people that are working nonstop to make [more]

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